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2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog
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INT-1111 Programming Logic and Design

Credits 3
Introduction to computer programming concepts with emphasis on structured program logic and design. Procedural and object oriented concepts are introduced. Design tools such as pseudo-code and flowcharting are covered. Students are introduced to several software packages that may be used to develop flowcharts and pseudo-code. This course does not teach a particular programming language but rather emphasizes problem solving techniques that can be applied to programming in any language. Examples from various programming languages may be used to illustrate concepts.
Prerequisite(s): INT-1010  with grade of C or higher.
(Formerly offered as CIS-1111. Students may not receive credit for both CIS-1111 and INT-1111.)
2 class/2 lab hours.
Course Outcomes
  1. Develop an I-P-O chart for a specific programming problem.
  2. Develop an algorithm to solve a specific programming problem by using pseudo-code or flowcharting.
  3. Use sequence, selection, and repetition structures to solve a problem.
  4. Apply the appropriate design for a specific program.
  5. Apply modular designs for programs, including sending arguments and returning values.
  6. Implement data validation, internal and external documentation in a program.
  7. Use objects and methods to solve problems in an object-oriented programming environment.
  8. Incorporate object-oriented tools within a program.

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