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2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog
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INT-2200 Programming in Java

Credits 4
Comprehensive course in Java incorporating the concepts covered in INT-1111 and applying them specifically to the Java programming language. Topics include object-oriented programming (classes/objects), control structures, methods, arrays, polymorphism, inheritance, recursion, exception handling, graphical user interfaces, file input/output.
Prerequisite(s): INT-1111  with grade of C or higher.
Formerly offered as CIS-2200.  Students may not receive credit for both CIS-2200 and INT-2200.
3 class/3 lab hours.
(Not offered summer.)

Course Outcomes
  1. Contrast procedural languages with object-oriented languages.   
  2. Describe the main features of the Java language. 
  3. Write, compile, and execute a Java program. 
  4. Create programs that leverage variables, constants, arrays, arithmetic operators, and logic structures.  
  5. Create and use Java classes, objects, and methods, leveraging object-oriented techniques 
  6. Create interactive Java programs and Java applets 
  7. Explain event-driven programming    

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