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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog
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MAT-0092 Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning

Credits 0
Equivalent Hours 4
This course will prepare students for success in future courses (MAT-1130  Mathematical Ideas, formerly Mathematics for Liberal Arts or MAT-1140  Introduction to Statistics) and will help develop skills for the workplace and as productive citizens. Essential skills and concepts include sample design, measures of central tendency, graphing, basic probability, and linear regression. Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning does not satisfy General Education Mathematics requirement. 
Prerequisite(s): Math placement score or C or higher in DLS-0061  and reading proficiency level or co-enrollment in reading course. This course is an alternative prerequisite to MAT-1130  or MAT-1140  only.
Course Outcomes
  1. Select a suitable sampling design (simple random, systematic, stratified, cluster), given information about the observational study or experiment. 
  2. Calculate measures of central tendency, position, and spread, including standard deviation.
  3. Describe associations of two variables graphically using a scatterplot.
  4. Use data to calculate the slope, y-intercept, and equation of a line in two variables.
  5. Solve basic probability problems using ratios, proportions, two-way tables, and percentages.
  6. Construct a graph of the linear equation and regression line analysis.

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