Mar 02, 2021  
2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog
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MAT-0071 Introductory Algebra

Credits 0
Equivalent Hours 4
Preparation for MAT-0104  or MAT-1130 . Using and evaluating algebraic expressions; solving linear and literal equations including geometric applications; solving linear equations and inequalities in two variables with applications; graphing linear equations and finding linear equations; operations on polynomials; simplifying algebraic expressions; factoring polynomials; solving polynomial equations by factoring with applications. Four equivalent hours (EHs) awarded for successful completion.
Prerequisite(s): Appropriate mathematics placement, or completion of DLS-0061  with grade of C or higher. Reading proficiency level or co-enrollment in reading course.
Course Outcomes
  1. Evaluate algebraic expressions given the value(s) of the variables.
  2. Perform arithmetic operations on algebraic expressions and simplify results.
  3. Solve linear equations and inequalities.
  4. Find and graph linear equations given two points or a slope and a point.
  5. Solve application problems involving geometric formulas or linear equations.
  6. Apply various factoring techniques to polynomials.

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