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    Prince George's Community College
  Dec 17, 2017
2017-2018 Academic Catalog

Visual Communication/Graphic Design, A.A.S.

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Associate of Applied Science | ARTS.GRAPHD.AAS | Career Program
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Program Description

The Visual Communication (VisComm)/Graphic Design Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree program prepares students in the production methods, digital media, and traditional design related to the visual communications field. Students learn to apply a variety of media to a range of audiences. Students acquire professional skills to be competitive in the visual communications industries, to include design for print, screen, and motion graphics. Visual Communication/Graphic Design is a career program, which prepares students for entry-level job positions. Non-degree-seeking students may upgrade and enrich their basic computer skill sets. Some of its courses transfer to four-year institutions. Students are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor to consider specific transfer goals.

Graduates of the Visual Communication/Graphic Design A.A.S. will be able to:

  • Use the vocabulary of the elements of art, principles of design, and visual communication terminology correctly
  • Apply traditional and digital methods to student-created works of visual communication
  • Identify the evolving practices and emerging technologies of the visual communication industry
  • Demonstrate the stages of developing a visual product
  • Evaluate client/project goals
  • Demonstrate ethical standards within the standards of professional practice
  • Assemble a portfolio suitable for workforce entry or professional advancement

General Education Courses

The list of general education courses appears in the General Education List . Some programs recommend or require specific courses to fulfill general education requirements. Please check your program’s sequence of study for this information.

Choose one of the following:

Program Elective:

Any art studio course


Any one-credit course

Sequence of Study - Visual Communication/Graphic Design A.A.S.

Below are the required courses for your program arranged in a suggested sequence. Please note that the sequence does not include developmental coursework. See General Education List  for the developmental course sequence if applicable to you.

1st Semester

Total: 16 Credits

2nd Semester

Total: 15 Credits

3rd Semester

Total: 15 Credits

4th Semester

Total: 14 Credits

Program Total: 60 Credits

Asterisk (*) denotes a general education course.

Double asterisk (**) denotes a course that is an institutional requirement.

Triple asterisk (***) denotes a course that satisfies the culminating experience requirement for A.A.S. programs.

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