Jun 12, 2021  
2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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RAD-1510 Patient Care & Education I

Credits 2
Introduction to principles of patient care as preparation for interactions in the clinical education setting. Focus on responsibilities to patients, peers and the profession to include professional, medicolegal and ethical issues. Infection control, aseptic techniques, vital signs, medical emergencies and pharmacology are included. Consideration of human diversity and cultural implications associated with health care. Includes medical terminology.
Prerequisite(s): MAT-1250 , EGL-1010 BIO-2050 , BIO-2060   with grade C or higher.

3 class/3 lab hours/8 weeks.
(Offered fall only.)

Course Outcomes

  1. Recognize the role of the radiographer in relationship to other healthcare professionals.
  2. Differentiate between the legal and ethical responsibilities of the radiographer.
  3. Compare/contrast different methods of communication used in the profession of Radiography.
  4. List safe techniques for patient moving and transferring, using the principles of good body mechanics.
  5. Apply proper infection control practices.
  6. Assess the physical status of patients.
  7. Identify the role & responsibilities of the radiographer in medication administration.
  8. Recognize the procedures for assisting patients in acute situations (i.e. respiratory distress, cardiac arrest).

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