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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog
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CAP-1050 Portfolio Development

Credits 3
This course is a requirement for those students who want to participate in Prior Learning Assessment Network (PLAN). Students who want to earn college credit for life/work experience through PLAN complete this course to prepare the PLAN portfolio. Students discuss how their work, volunteer, and community service experiences may be applied towards their degree. In this course, emphasis is on articulating how prior experience compares to specific course outcomes and course content topics. Students learn how to select documentation to showcase their knowledge and skills.  Additionally, students write about how their documentation shows what they have learned and how this relates to the specific course for which they are seeking credit. All of this information will be presented in an electronic portfolio. NOTE: All course registrations must be approved by the PLAN Administrator. (May also be taken as a continuing education course, JCL-365 Portfolio Development.)
Course Outcomes

  1. Write an autobiography.
  2. Develop short, mid- and long-term educational and career goals.
  3. Select documentation that demonstrates prior learning.
  4. Reflect on how prior learning demonstrates knowledge and skills related to the course outcomes of the target course.
  5. Create an educational portfolio.

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