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2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog
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ART-2410 Graphic Design I

Credits 3
Provides a survey of the design principles and artistic concepts that produce quality commercial art. Students will acquire hands-on experience in taking a variety of projects from concept development to final output. Training will be provided in the various production skills and techniques used by graphic design professionals.
Honors version available.
Prerequisite(s): ART-1510 , ART-1570 .
6 studio hours.
(Not offered summer.)

Course Outcomes
  1. Create original graphic design compositions with emphasis on the relationship between text and image.
  2. Prepare original print-based graphic design projects in a professional manner.
  3. Identify vocabulary, terminology, concepts, and history of graphic design.
  4. Utilize essential software and hardware to produce original compositions.
  5. Assemble an entry-level portfolio of graphic design work.

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