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2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog
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HSM-1810 Introduction to Travel and Tourism

Credits 3
This course explains the impact of travel and tourism as economic development in local, national and worldwide spectrums. It defines tourism and the hospitality industry’s effect on community growth. Discussions include travel and tourism’s influence on environmental, political, cultural and social perspectives. It offers an analysis of tourism based upon traveler’s interest, the purpose of travel, site attractions and benefits associated, demand in the destination, climate impact, sustainability, and promotion of a location.
Corequisite(s): HSM-1510 .
Course Outcomes
  1. Discuss the history, organization, complexity, and scope of the travel and tourism system.
  2. Explain the external factors, including policies and regulations, which impact the tourism industry.
  3. Identify the economic, societal, cultural, and environmental impacts of tourism.
  4. Articulate the process of tourism planning.
  5. List the external and internal factors which influence an individual’s decision to travel.
  6. Discuss the role of travel marketers in motivating people to take vacations.
  7. Apply the principles of service marketing to travel and tourism.
  8. Explain current trends and the future outlook for the field of tourism.

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