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2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science, A.S.

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Associate of Science | COMP.SCI.AS | Transfer Program
In addition to the Computer Science Programs listed below, see the Information Technology programs and Cybersecurity programs.
Visit Center for Advanced Technology, Room 129 or call 301-546-0752 for your faculty advisor

Program Description

The Computer Science transfer program includes two A.S. degree choices: Computer Science and the Information Science Concentration. Students are encouraged to see an advisor to select correct transfer courses because transfer requirements change periodically.

Graduates of the Computer Science A.S. will be able to:

  • Analyze user requirements to do problem solving
  • Design algorithms to solve complex mathematical or scientific problems
  • Select algorithms based on a comparison of their time and space complexity requirements
  • Implement those algorithms in a high-level programming language, such as Java
  • Utilize object-oriented methodology to write efficient code

General Education Courses

The list of general education courses appears in the General Education List . Some programs recommend or require specific courses to fulfill general education requirements. Please check your program’s sequence of study for this information.

Program Requirements

Program Elective:


  • 4-5 credits (any credit courses, with a maximum of 2 credits of PED-1000  or PED-1030 )

Sequence of Study - Computer Science A.S.

Below are the required courses for your program arranged in a suggested sequence. Please note that the sequence does not include developmental coursework. See Academic Preparation  for the developmental course sequence if applicable to you.
This is a calculus-based program. Students may require prerequisite math courses prior to beginning course work in the program.

1st Semester

Total: 14 Credits

2nd Semester

Total: 14 Credits

3rd Semester

  • 4 Credits (Program Requirement)
  • 4 Credits or higher (Program Requirement)
  • General Education Humanities course other than Speech 3 Credits (Humanities) *
  • Any 2000-level literature course 3 Credits (Program Requirement)

Total: 17 Credits

4th Semester

  • 4 Credits (Program Requirement)
  • Any credit courses (a maximum of 2 credits of PED-1000  or PED-1030  allowed) 4 Credits (Electives)
  • General Education Lab Science course 4 Credits (Science with Lab) *
  • General Education Social Sciences course 3 Credits (Social Science) * 1

Total: 15 Credits

Program Total: 60 Credits

1 The two Social Science general education courses must be from different disciplines.

Asterisk (*) denotes a general education course.

Double asterisk (**) denotes a course that is an institutional requirement.


Credit earned at any public institution in the state shall be transferable to any other institution if the:

  • Credit is from a college or university parallel course or program;
  • Grades in the block of courses transferred average 2.00 or higher; and
  • Acceptance of the credit is consistent with the policies of the receiving institution governing students following the same program. Refer to ARTSYS at and the receiving institution’s catalog to select transferable courses.

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