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2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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INT-1010 Introduction to Information Technology

3 Credits
A survey course in evolving computer technology and its relevance to individuals and society. The societal issues stressed include: privacy, security, ergonomics, accessibility, intellectual property, pervasive computing, as well as other timely topics such as new laws impacting computer use. Becoming fluent in necessary technology applications is integrated into the course and may include such topics as word processing, use of e-mail and Web browsers, spreadsheets, course management systems, and others. Students possessing skills and knowledge in this area may receive credit for INT-1010 by passing the department’s challenge exam (currently the three Internet and Computing Core Certification tests, known as IC3). Students who are already IC3 certified may receive credit for INT-1010 by presenting their three certificates to the transfer evaluator in the Office of Records and Registration. Computer Literacy general education class.
Honors: Honors version available.
(Formerly offered as CIS-1010. Students may not receive credit for both CIS-1010 and INT-1010.) 3 class hours with open lab.
Notes: Continuing Education offers a review course for the IC3 exams (DPR-910) as well as free pre-registration for either MOS or IC3 exams (DPR-911) at the college.

Students with little or no computer experience should consider taking INT-1000  Using a Personal Computer, to get the necessary prerequisite skills. All students take a screening test during their first class in INT-1010. Results are used to advise students regarding which course to take.

Students must enroll in INT-1010 within the first 18 credits of college-level courses unless their program of study is exempted from the INT requirement.

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