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2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Program Codes

Program Codes*

*Applicants must indicate one of the programs of study listed below by filling in the program’s abbreviated name in the space provided on Item 17 of the paper application or by selecting it from the drop-down list available in the online application. For example, Accounting Professional would be ACCT.PROF.AAS.

Students who are still in high school or who are under the age of 16 may not select a curriculum until after they graduate or otherwise become eligible for enrollment in college. They must instead select one of the offerings listed below that begin with “SPEC.”

A.A. Associate of Arts
A.S. Associate of Science
A.A.S. Associate of Applied Science
A.A.T. Associate of Arts in Teaching
Cert. Certificate
LOR Letter of Recognition


Accounting Programs
ACCT.TRANSFR.AS Accounting Transfer Concentration (A.S.)  
ACCT.PROF.AAS Accounting Professional (A.A.S)  
ACCT.CT Accounting (CERT)  
[ACCT.LOR] [Accounting (LOR)]  
[ACCT.TAX.LOR] [Accounting and Taxation (LOR)]  
ACCT.CPA.CT CPA Preparation (CERT)  
Arts and Sciences Program  
THTR.CT Theatre/Entertainment Tech. (CERT)  
Business Administration Program and Business Management Programs
BUAD.AS Business Administration (A.S.)  
BMGT.AAS Business Management (A.A.S.)  
BMGT.HR.CT Human Resource Management (CERT)  
BMGT.PURCON.CT Purchasing and Contracting (CERT)  
[BMGT.RLEST.LOR] [Real Estate (LOR)]  
BMGT.RPM.AAS Residential Property Management (A.A.S.)  
BMGT.RPM.CT Residential Property Management (CERT)  
BMGT.SMLBUS.CT Small Business Management (CERT)  
Computer Engineering Technology Programs
COMP.ENGR.AAS Computer Engineering Technology (A.A.S.)  
COMP.CISCO.CT Cisco CCNA Preparation (CERT)  
COMP.APLUS.CT A+ Preparation (CERT)  
COMP.SERV.CT Computer Service Technology (CERT)  
Computer Science Programs
[COMP.INFOSCI.AS] [Information Science Concentration (A.S.)]  
COMP.SCI.AS Computer Science (A.S.)  
Construction Management Programs
CNST.AAS Construction Management (A.A.S.)  
CNST.CT Construction Management (CERT)  
Criminal Justice Programs
CRJU.AA Criminal Justice Transfer Concentration (A.A.)  
CRJU.AAS Criminal Justice (A.A.S.)  
[CORR.AAS] [Correctional Services Concentration (A.A.S.)]  
[CRJU.CYBER.AAS] [Cybercrime Investigation Concentration (A.A.S.)]  
[CRJU.CYBER.CT] [Cybercrime Investigation (CERT)]  
Culinary Arts Programs
FOOD.CULIN.AAS Culinary Arts (A.A.S.)  
FOOD.CULIN.CT Culinary Arts (CERT)  
CyberSecurity Programs
COMP.SECUR.AAS Cybersecurity (A.A.S.)  
COMP.SECUR.CT Cybersecurity (CERT)  
[COMP.SECUR.MGT.CT] [Cybersecurity Management (CERT)]  
Early Childhood Education Programs
TCHR.ECHILD.SPEC.AAT Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education (A.A.T.)  
TCHR.ECHILD.AAS Early Childhood Education (A.A.S.)  
[TCHR.ECHILD.LOR] [Early Childhood (LOR)]  
[TCHR.ECE.MATHSCI.CT] [Early Childhood Education Mathematics and Science (CERT) (pending MHEC approval)]  
TCHR.ADMIN.CHILDCARE.CT Mastery in Administration of Child Care Programs (CERT)  
[TCHR.DIVERSE.POPS.CT] [Proficiency in Diverse Student Populations (CERT) (pending MHEC approval)]  
TCHR.MASTERY.CT Mastery in Early Childhood Education (CERT)  
TCHR.SPECED.CT Early Childhood Special Education (CERT)  
[TCHR.SCHOOLAGE.CT] [Proficiency in School Age Care and Management (CERT)]  
[TCHR.INFANT.TOD.CT] [Proficiency in Infant and Toddler Development (CERT)]  
Engineering Technology Programs
COMP.CAD.CT Computer-Aided Drafting (CERT)  
[ELEC.TECH.AAS] [Electronic Engineering Technology (A.A.S.)]  
[ELEC.ANREP.CT] [Electronics Analysis and Repair (CERT)]  
[ENGR.TECH.AAS] [Engineering Technology (A.A.S.)]  
Engineering Programs
ENGR.AS Engineering (A.S.)  
Environmental Studies Program
[ENVR.STUD.AS] [Environmental Studies (A.S.)]  
[ENVR.STUD.CT] [Environmental Studies (CERT)]  
Fire Science Program
FIRE.AAS Fire Science (A.A.S.)  
Forensic Science Program
FORS.AS Forensic Science (A.S.)  
General Studies Programs
ARTS.AA Art Concentration (A.A.)  
BIOL.AA Biology Concentration (A.A.)  
CHEM.AA Chemistry Concentration (A.A.)  
COMM.PR.AA Communications/Public Relations/Journalism Concentration (A.A.)  
[FOOD.DIET.AA] [Dietetics Concentration (A.A.)]  
ECON.AA Economics Concentration (A.A.)  
ENGL.AA English Concentration (A.A.)  
[FOOD.SCI.AA] [Food Science Concentration (A.A.)]  
GENL.STUDIES.AA General Studies (A.A.)  
HLTH.ED.AA Health Education Concentration (A.A.)  
COMM.MASS.AA Mass Communication Concentration (A.A.)  
MUSI.AA Music Concentration (A.A.)  
[PHIL.AA] [Philosophy Concentration (A.A.)]  
[PHYS.EDUC.AA] [Physical Education Concentration (A.A.)]  
[PREP.LAW.AA] [Pre-Law Concentration (A.A.)]  
PSYCH.AA Psychology Concentration (A.A.)  
SOCI.AA Sociology Concentration (A.A.)  
GENL.TRAN.CT Transfer Studies (CERT)  
Health Sciences Programs
HLTH.INFO.PETIT Health Information Management (A.A.S.) (petitioner)**  
HLTH.BILL.PETIT Medical Coding/Billing Specialist (CERT) (petitioner)**   
MED.ASST.AAS.PETIT Medical Assisting (A.A.S.) (petitioner)**  
NUCL.MED.PETIT Nuclear Medicine Technology (A.A.S.) (petitioner)**  
NURS.TRANS.PETIT Nursing, LPN to RN Transition (petitioner)**  
NURS.PMD.PETIT Nursing, Paramedic to RN Transition (petitioner)**  
NURS.RN.PETIT Nursing, RN (A.S.) (petitioner)**  
NURS.LPN.PETIT Nursing, LPN (CERT) (petitioner)**  
PMD.CT.PETIT Paramedic (CERT) (petitioner)**  
PMD.AAS.PETIT Paramedic (A.A.S.) (petitioner)**  
RADI.AAS.PETIT Radiography (A.A.S.) (petitioner)**  
RESP.AAS.PETIT Respiratory Therapy (A.A.S.) (petitioner)**  
SURG.TECH.PETIT Surgical Technology (A.A.S.) (petitioner)**  
Hospitality Services Management Programs
HOSP.SERV.AAS Hospitality Services Management (A.A.S.)  
HOSP.SERV.CT Hospitality Services Management (CERT)  
[HOSP.LODGE.MGT.LOR] [Lodging Management (LOR)]  
[FOOD.SERV.LOR] [Food Service Management (LOR)]  
Human Services Program
HUMN.SERV.AAS Human Services (A.A.S.)  
Information Technology Programs
COMP.INFO.TECH.AAS Information Technology (A.A.S.)  
COMP.PROGDB.CT Computer Programming and Database Systems (CERT)  
COMP.NETADM.CT Network Systems Administrator (CERT)  
[COMP.GRAPH.CT] [Computer Graphics (CERT)]  
[COMP.TECHSUP.CT] [Technical Support Specialist (CERT)]  
COMP.WEB.CT Web Technology (CERT)  
Meeting and Event Management
[HOSP.MTG.EVENT.AAS] [Meeting and Event Management (A.A.S.)]  
[HOSP.MTG.EVENT.CT] [Meeting and Event Management (CERT)]  
[HOSP.MTG.MGT.LOR] [Meeting and Event Management (LOR)]  
Marketing Management Programs
MKTG.AAS Marketing Management (A.A.S.)  
MKTG.CT Marketing Management (CERT)  
Media Production Program
COMM.MEDIA.CT Media Production (CERT)  
Paralegal/Legal Assistant Programs
PARA.AAS Paralegal/Legal Assistant (A.A.S.)  
PARA.CT Paralegal/Legal Assistant (CERT)  
Teacher Education Programs
TCHR.CHEM.AAT Secondary Education-Chemistry (A.A.T.)  
TCHR.ELEM.SPECED.AAT Elementary Education/Elementary Special Education (A.A.T.)  
TCHR.ENGLISH.AAT Secondary Education-English (A.A.T.)  
TCHR.PHYSICS.AAT Secondary Education-Physics (A.A.T.)  
TCHR.MATH.AAT Secondary Education-Mathematics (A.A.T.)  
TCHR.SPAN.AAT Secondary Education-Spanish (A.A.T.)  
Visual Communication Programs
ARTS.GRAPHD.AAS Visual Communication/Graphic Design (A.A.S.)  
ARTS.GRAPHD.CT Graphic Design (CERT)  
[ARTS.ILLUS.CT] [Illustration (CERT)]  
ARTS.ANIM.CT Animation and Screen-Based Design (CERT)  
Special, Non-Degree Offerings
TCHR.CERTIF.ND Teacher Certification for School Employees
TCHR.RESID.ND Resident Teacher Program for PGCPS Employees
SPEC.DUAL.ND High School Dual Enrollment
SPEC.TAG.ND TAG for Talented/Gifted Students under age 16
SPEC.CONCUR.ND Concurrent Enrollment for High School Students

**Students also should complete the Petition for Admission to Health Sciences Programs (after consulting with a Health Sciences advisor).

Programs which show “pending MHEC approval” were not yet approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission for the award of a degree at the time this catalog was published.

Program names and program codes shown in [brackets] are suspended programs of study and can not be selected at this time.