May 07, 2021  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog
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BUS-2240 Business Law II

Credits 3
An advanced study of theory and applications of business law and commercial business transactions in a domestic and international environment. Topics will cover the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), bankruptcy, basic business organizations and corporations, securities law, antitrust law, and personal property.
Prerequisite(s): BUS-2220  
(Formerly BUS-1240 . Students may not receive credit for both BUS-1240  and BUS-2240.)
Course Outcomes

  1. Compare and contrast provisions of the common law of contracts with parallel provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code as related to sales contracts and contracts involving merchants. 
  2. Apply the laws governing seller’s liability for defective products to sales contracts
  3. Compare and contrast drafts, checks, notes and bills of exchange in light of laws governing commercial paper.
  4. Compare and contrast the legal attributes of various forms of business organizations, including sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company and corporation.
  5. Examine the effects of laws governing secured transactions, bankruptcy securities, antitrust restrictions, transfers of personal property by gift or bailment, and intellectual property rights on business transactions.

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