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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Suspended Programs of Study

The following programs of study have been suspended. A student currently in one of these programs has a maximum of three years to complete the program requirements as shown in the last catalog in which the program appeared. The last catalog year in which the program appeared is provided in parentheses next to the program name.

No students are allowed to select these academic programs at this time.

Associate Degrees

Arts and Sciences (2013-2014)
African-American Studies Option, General Studies (2013-2014)
Communication/Speech Option, General Studies (2013-2014)
Communication/Writing Option, General Studies (2013-2014)
Computer Systems Technology (2010-2011)
Correctional Services Concentration (2016-2017)
Cybercrime Investigation Concentration (2016-2017)
Electrical Construction Technology (2013-2014)
Electronic Engineering Technology (2016-2017)
Electronics Service Technology (2013-2014)
Engineering Technology (2016-2017)
Environmental Studies (2017-2018)

Historical Fieldwork/Research Option of General Studies (2011-2012)

Information Science Concentration (2016-2017)
International Studies Option, General Studies (2013-2014)

Math Option, General Studies (2013-2014)
Meeting and Event Management (2017-2018)

Philosophy Concentration (2016-2017)
Police Science Option for Police Academy Graduates (2013-2014)
Pre-Law Concentration (2016-2017)
Pre-Medicine (2012-2013)
Pre-Pharmacy (2012-2013)
Pre-Physical Therapy (2012-2013)

Quality Assurance Technology (2009-2010)

Space Engineering Technology (2009-2010)

Technical Studies (2013-2014)
Theatre Arts Option, General Studies (2013-2014)

Women’s Studies Option, General Studies (2013-2014)


Computer Graphics (2016-2017)
Computer Information Systems (2010-2011)
Computer Programming (2013-2014)
Criminal Justice Technology (2013-2014)
Cybercrime Investigation (2017-2018)
Cybersecurity Management (2016-2017)

Database Systems (2013-2014)
Dietetics (2014-2015)
Disaster Recovery and Risk Management (2014-2015)

Early Childhood Education Mathematics and Science (2017-2018)
Electrical Construction Technology (2013-2014)
Electronics Analysis and Repair (2016-2017)
Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate-Paramedic (2014-2015)
Entrepreneurship Management (2013-2014)
Environmental Studies (2017-2018)

General Management (2011-2012)

Health Care Management (2014-2015)

Illustration (2017-2018)
International Management (2013-2014)

Meeting and Event Management (2017-2018)

Nuclear Medicine Technology (2014-2015)

Proficiency in Diverse Student Populations (2017-2018)
Proficiency in Infant and Toddler Development (2017-2018)
Proficiency in School Age Care and Management (2017-2018)
Public Administration (2014-2015)

Quality Assurance (2010-2011)

Sports Management (2014-2015)
Supervisory Management (2014-2015)

Technology Core Concepts (2013-2014)
Technical Support Specialist (2016-2017)

Letters of Recognition (LOR)

Accounting (2017-2018)
Accounting and Taxation (2017-2018)
Construction Management (2013-2014)
Developing a Professional Image (2011-2012)
Disaster Recovery and Risk Management (2014-2015)
Early Childhood (2017-2018)
Entrepreneurship Management (2013-2014)
Food Service Management (2017-2018)
International Management (2013-2014)
Health Care Management (2014-2015)
Human Resource Management (2015-2016)
Lodging Management (2017-2018)
Meeting and Event Management (2017-2018)
Ornamental Horticulture (2013-2014)
Public Administration (2014-2015)
Purchasing and Contracting (2015-2016)
Real Estate (2017-2018)
Supervisory Management (2014-2015)
Women’s Studies (2013-2014)

Currently enrolled students with questions about graduation requirements in any of these programs should consult with the department chair of the individual program.