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2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

Course Numbering Information

0001–0999 Developmental not-for-credit courses for students who need further preparation before enrolling in college-level courses. These courses award Equivalent Hours (EHs) that contribute to a student’s academic load, but do not count toward degree or certificate requirements.
1000–1999 College-level courses at the 1000 level provide students with foundational concepts or skills required in specific or multiple disciplines. These courses may be stand-alone or part of a sequence.
2000–2999 Courses at the 2000 level build upon the skills and concepts presented in the 1000-level courses. Students are expected to acquire foundational concepts prior to entry into courses at the 2000 level and are expected to be able to move forward to more complex subject mastery.


Many courses require prior satisfactory completion of another course to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the course. For example, EGL-1020  Composition II: Writing About Literature cannot be taken unless EGL-1010  (the prerequisite) has been satisfactorily completed. In addition, for a number of introductory-level credit courses, a minimum level of proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics, as determined by the college’s placement tests, is required as a prerequisite. In such cases, satisfactory completion of the appropriate developmental studies course (see ESL, DVE, DVM, and DVR listings) will satisfy the prerequisite as well. Students should be certain to check for prerequisites in the course listings that follow. Except when specifically authorized by the department chairperson or dean, registration will not be permitted if prerequisites have not been fully satisfied.

Course Contact Hours

At the end of some course descriptions is a phrase such as “3 studio hours” or “3 class/2 lab hours.” This indicates the actual time a student should expect to spend per week in a course, broken down by the type of contact—classroom/lecture, laboratory, studio, or clinical. If there is no such indicator for a course, students may assume there will be one class hour per week for each credit awarded for completion of the course. (Courses which meet in an accelerated or nontraditional format rather than in the usual full-semester, 15-week format will meet more than the hours indicated per week in order to reach the same number of total contact hours for the semester.)

General Education Requirements Key

  CL = Computer Literacy Req.
  E = English Req.
  H = Humanities Req.
  M = Math Req.
  Sc = Science Req.
  SS = Social Science Req.

Construction Management

Information and Engineering Technology Department
Center for Advanced Technology, Room 129 | 301-546-0752

   •  CSM-2470 Construction Planning and Scheduling
   •  CSM-2480 Construction Estimating
   •  CSM-2500 Construction Surveying
   •  CSM-2610 Building Mechanical and Electrical Systems
   •  CSM-2850 Leadership in Construction
   •  CSM-2900 Construction Enterprise Project
   •  CSM-2910 Cooperative Education
   •  CSM-2920 Cooperative Education
   •  CSM-2930 Cooperative Education

Correctional Services

Public Safety and Law Department
Bladen Hall, Room 208 | 301-546-0553

   •  COR-1510 Introduction to Corrections
   •  COR-1530 Corrections Management
   •  COR-2510 Probation, Parole, and Community-Based Corrections
   •  COR-2570 Corrections Management

Criminal Justice

Public Safety and Law Department
Bladen Hall, Room 208 | 301-546-0553

   •  CJT-1510 Introduction to Criminal Justice
   •  CJT-1520 Police Operations
   •  CJT-1530 Community Policing
   •  CJT-1540 Police Management
   •  CJT-1550 Juvenile Delinquency
   •  CJT-1700 Victimology and Violence
   •  CJT-1730 Introduction to Security
   •  CJT-1740 Security Operations
   •  CJT-2510 Criminal Law
   •  CJT-2530 Criminal Investigation
   •  CJT-2540 Criminal Evidence and Procedure
   •  CJT-2560 Terrorism and Biosecurity
   •  CJT-2570 Police Management
   •  CJT-2580 Juvenile Delinquency
   •  CJT-2800 Professional Ethics in Criminal Justice
   •  CJT-2900 Capstone Seminar in Criminal Justice
   •  CJT-2910 Internship
   •  CJT-2920 Internship
   •  CJT-2930 Internship

Culinary Arts

Hospitality, Tourism, and Culinary Arts Department
Chesapeake Hall, Room 100 | 301-546-3090

   •  CUL-1100 Introduction to Culinary Arts
   •  CUL-1150 Food Production I
   •  CUL-1300 Baking Skills
   •  CUL-2150 Food Production II
   •  CUL-2200 Garde Manger and Catering
   •  CUL-2300 Advanced Baking and Pastry
   •  CUL-2450 International Cuisine
   •  CUL-2760 Internship

Developmental English

Developmental English and Reading Department
Marlboro Hall, Room 2118 | 301-546-0495

DVE courses meet for 3 class hours and 2 open-lab hours per week or equivalent.

   •  DVE-0009 Fundamental Language Skills
   •  DVE-0011 Developmental Composition
   •  DVE-0012 Foundations of Composition and Comprehension

Developmental Learning Support

Learning Foundations Division
Marlboro Hall, Room 2118 | 301-546-0495

   •  DLS-0011 Fundamental Arithmetic Skills
   •  DLS-0061 Fundamental Mathematics with Pre-Algebra

Developmental Math

Developmental Mathematics Department
Marlboro Hall, Room 2118 | 301-546-0495

   •  DVM-0021 Arithmetic and Algebra Review
   •  DVM-0031 Prealgebra
   •  DVM-0071 Introductory Algebra
   •  DVM-0081 Elementary and Intermediate Algebra Review
   •  MAT-0092 Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning

Developmental Reading

Developmental English and Reading Department
Marlboro Hall, Room 2118 | 301-546-0495

   •  DVR-0051 Developmental Reading
   •  DVR-0061 College Reading and Study Skills
   •  DVR-0071 Accelerated College Reading and Study Skills


Business Studies Department
Marlboro Hall, Room 2054 | 301-546-0525

   •  ECN-1010 Economic Development
   •  ECN-1030 Principles of Macroeconomics
   •  ECN-1040 Principles of Microeconomics
   •  ECN-2040 Principles of Microeconomics
   •  ECN-2910 Cooperative Education
   •  ECN-2920 Cooperative Education
   •  ECN-2930 Cooperative Education

Emergency Medical Technician

Many former EMT courses are now located under a new subject heading, Paramedic (PMD)

   •  EMT-1000 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Theory
   •  EMT-1100 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Clinical


Physical Sciences and Engineering Department
Chesapeake Hall, Room 100 | 301-546-0420

A grade of C or higher is required for any course used to satisfy a prerequisite for any other course.

   •  EGR-1010 Introductory Engineering
   •  EGR-1140 Computer Programming for Engineers and Scientists
   •  EGR-1210 Computer Science I
   •  EGR-1220 Computer Science II
   •  EGR-2030 Circuit Analysis
   •  EGR-2050 Signals and Systems: Modeling, Computation, and Analysis
   •  EGR-2060 Thermodynamics
   •  EGR-2200 Engineering Mechanics
   •  EGR-2210 Advanced Engineering Mechanics
   •  EGR-2220 Solid Mechanics
   •  EGR-2300 Materials Science for Engineers and Scientists
   •  EGR-2440 Digital Logic Design
   •  EGR-2450 Electronic and Digital Circuit Laboratory
   •  EGR-2910 Cooperative Education
   •  EGR-2920 Cooperative Education
   •  EGR-2930 Cooperative Education
   •  EGR-2990H Honors Seminar in Engineering and Science (Special Topics)

Engineering Technology

Information and Engineering Technology Department
Center for Advanced Technology, Room 129 | 301-546-0751

   •  ENT-1600 Introduction to CAD with AutoCAD
   •  ENT-1640 Three-Dimensional CAD with AutoCAD
   •  ENT-1680 Revit Architecture and BIM
   •  ENT-1710 Circuits and Measurement Techniques
   •  ENT-1720 Circuit Analysis and Design
   •  ENT-1770 Introduction to Computing for Technology
   •  ENT-1780 Analog Circuits
   •  ENT-1800 Digital Circuits
   •  ENT-1840 Introduction to Personal Computer Hardware
   •  ENT-1850 Circuit Evaluation and Repair
   •  ENT-1890 Network Hardware
   •  ENT-1900 Introduction to Space Technology
   •  ENT-1940 Router Technology I: Network Fundamentals
   •  ENT-1950 Router Technology II: Routing Protocols
   •  ENT-1960 Router Technology III: LAN Switching and Wireless
   •  ENT-1970 Router Technology IV: Wide Area Networks
   •  ENT-2200 High-Reliability Soldering and Fabrication
   •  ENT-2660 Customizing AutoCAD
   •  ENT-2680 CAD Portfolio Development
   •  ENT-2710 Analog Circuits
   •  ENT-2730 Electronic Communication

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